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Recently, meme cryptocurrencies, which are internet jokes, have increased. These meme cryptocurrencies, which are released every day, aim to provide a lot of profit to their users in the short term. For this reason, it attracts the attention of many investors.

Baby Doge Coin, which was released in June 2021, is again a meme coin. This crypto money, which emerged with the goal of being a child of Dogecoin, was developed with Ethereum infrastructure. We have researched the question of what is Baby Doge Coin, which has earned its users more than 1300% profit in the last year, and the comments about the future of Baby Doge Coin for you. Here are the details…

Baby Doge Coin Price
What is Baby Doge Coin?
How is the Future of Baby Doge Coin Evaluated?
Where and How to Buy Baby Doge Coins?

What is Baby Doge Coin?
Baby Doge Coin is a meme cryptocurrency developed on the Binance Smart Chain network based on the Ethereum infrastructure. Just like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, it aims to provide high income to its investors by taking part in many projects. For this purpose, besides speeding up the transaction times, it gives back a certain part of each transaction fee to its users and increases the price. Let’s explain the question of what is Baby Doge Coin, with the features of its platform and this coin;

The Baby Doge Coin project follows a six-stage roadmap for increasing the price of this coin.
This project creates more security for users who lock Baby Doge Coins.
The project is based on the principles of transparency, community, trust and longevity. Third party audits are implemented in this project to eliminate fraud concerns.
Baby Doge Coin stands out with its features such as distribution of revenue from transaction fees to users, use on DEX and NFT platforms, and token burning.
Baby Doge Coin transaction times are 10 times faster than Dogecoin. It also stands out for its low transaction fees and block times.
Baby Doge Coin is defined as hyper-deflationary as it will be burned automatically and manually over time.
Baby Doge Coin holders get 5% back for every 10% transaction fee made on the network.
How is the Future of Baby Doge Coin Evaluated?
Although it is a joke crypto money, Baby Doge Coin, which is accepted by a large audience, had 250,000 investors in its first 21 day and left its competitors behind. It is thought that the static rewards and coin burning system in the meme crypto money field can be successful as it is tried with this currency for the first time. Projects related to the future of Baby Doge Coin include actions such as donating to pet charities, creating a decentralized exchange, issuing cryptocurrency-supported payment cards, and creating an NFT marketplace. When all these are evaluated by experts, it is predicted that the value of this money may increase. However, it is stated that since it is joke money and has a huge amount of supply, its value is likely to decrease in the future.

Where and How to Buy Baby Doge Coins?
Baby Doge Coin can be purchased on many centralized or decentralized exchanges. You can purchase Baby Doge Coins from exchanges such as, Poloniex, Okex, Uniswap, Lbank and Pancakeswap by registering as a member.

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