Metaverse Arsa Ovr - Metaverse Plot Ovr 2022 – Metaverse OVR Introduction

We inform you in detail about the Metaverse plot Ovr 2022. What is Ovr token and Ovr metaverse land prices, here are the details.

Metaverse plot Ovr 2022, Metaverse is a name given to virtual plots as you know. The purpose of Metaverse is to create a virtual world. It is a production whose idea was produced by the founder of Facebook. It is one of the subjects that everyone in the world researches and wonders about. With the development of technology, the first steps have been taken to make virtual reality in the form of a virtual world. If you want your share and place in this virtual world, you can buy virtual land. It is now possible to see the cities in Turkey on virtual land. To buy the virtual land, you need to use Cryptocurrency.

Ovr metaverse is one of the companies where you can buy virtual land. You can buy parcels via Ovr coin. On the Ovr platform, there are especially Istanbul and many other venues. It has already begun to find its owners. If you want to buy virtual land, we recommend that you act quickly.

With the OVR platform, you can buy land in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Half of the 20 parcels are in the province of Istanbul. Currently, the focus of attention in Turkey is to buy land through the OVR platform.
Well, let’s see how we will do the land acquisition process on this OVR platform.

What is Ovr Token
Ovr Metaverse Land Prices
Buying Ovr Land
What is Ovr Token
What is Ovr token, Ovr token is used for AR and VR experience. OVR allows visualization. It includes geographic locations. Therefore, it is a coin used in virtual land.

If you want to buy Ovr token, you can buy it on MEXC stock market and Uniswap applications. The current price of the OVR token is 32.29 TL and 2.48 dollars.

Ovr Metaverse Arsa Fiyatlari 1024x425 - Metaverse Plot Ovr 2022 – Metaverse OVR Introduction

Buying Ovr Land
If we want to buy Ovr land, if we want to buy virtual land from the Ovr platform, first click on the link After logging in to the website, click on the buy OBRLand option at the bottom. The text that comes up tells you that the minimum amount is 10 dollars and that you can own a virtual land with the auction system. Then you will see the NFT market. Click on the option to visit the Marketplace. At this stage, it will ask you to become a member. Become a member by filling in the required fields. After completing your membership, you need to match MetaMask with the NFT market. You can bid on the land you want with the auction system. You place your auction bid, then the system shuts down within 24 hours, and if you win, the NFT symbolizing OVRLand will be printed and sent to you. Remember, it accepts the minimum amount as 10 dollars.

The structure we call MetaMask is; It is the name given to the application that acts as a wallet for transactions with tokens. By installing the application, you easily create your wallet for your tokens.

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