asdasdasdas - The Future of F2C Coin 2022 – What is Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT) Coin?

We inform you in detail about the future of F2C Coin. Here are the details of what is Ftribe Fighters NFT and how to read the F2 NFT review.

F2C Coin is the cryptocurrency used in the administration and in-game of the Ftribe Fighters game. This game is a multiplayer online battle arena game. The pre-sales of F2C Coin, the main token of this game, which has reached a wide audience around the world, has started. Let’s explain in detail what is F2C Coin and how the future of F2C Coin is evaluated;

What is F2C Coin?
How is the Future of F2C Coin Evaluated?
Where and How to Buy F2C Coin?
What is F2C Coin?
The Ftribe Fighters game was founded with the aim of building a decentralized and free world where players have the right to play the game in their own way. You can play this game, which was created by a team of 20 people with many years of experience, alone, with 2 people or with 4 people. The main theme of the game is survival and everyone plays the game to improve their survival skill. You can improve your players with the weapons, kits and accessories in this game. You also have the option to rent these items in the in-game market. F2C Coin is the currency that allows the players to shop in this game and earn income from many other channels. Let’s explain the question of what is F2C Coin, which is currently on pre-sale and attracts a lot of attention, together with the advantages it provides;

F2C Coin is used in the in-game market.
A transaction fee of 6% is charged for all transactions made in the game. These fees are used to reward F2C Coin holders and to invest money in developing the platform.
Users can get rewards by staking F2C Coin.
NFT is earned when F2C Coin is staked within the platform.
F2C Coin owners have the right to vote in the decisions to be taken for the development of the game.
F2C Coin is used to equip in-game items and make in-game payments.
How is the Future of F2C Coin Evaluated?
F2C Coin will be offered as 1 billion in total. This cryptocurrency, which can be purchased from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, is also distributed to users through Airdrop, Staking and Farming methods. The game, which has features such as virtual reality, augmented reality and designed for mobile platforms, has reached a large number of users around the world. In the technical analysis of the future of F2C Coin by experts, it is predicted that if it is preferred by more users in the future, it can be appreciated. It is also among the opinions that the price of F2C Coin in the Binance Smart Chain network may decrease due to competition as it is a game token and there are many game tokens in the market at the moment.

Where and How to Buy F2C Coin?
F2C Coin will be on pre-sale from January 4-5, 2022. People who want to purchase from the pre-sale must be a member of the platform and perform identity verification processes. After these transactions are completed, you can buy any amount of F2C Coins at the pre-sale price of $ 0.022. In order to purchase from the pre-sale, VIP 1 membership is required. It is expected to be listed on this exchange and other exchanges after the pre-sale.

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