2232 - What is Winkyverse Coin and Future of Winkyverse Coin

We inform you in detail about what is Winkyverse Coin and about the future of Winkyverse Coin. Here are the details of what is Winkyverse Coin.

Winkyverse Coin was developed in 2017 in one of the top technology schools in France, based on the Ethereum blockchain. In his project, a robot with artificial intelligence was produced. With this robot called Winky, it is aimed to benefit from new technology to improve children’s education and prepare them for the future. This robot, which is currently used by thousands of families in Europe for children aged 5-12, is also used for artificial intelligence and education today.

Winkyverse Coin, on the other hand, can be defined as the native cryptocurrency of a game ecosystem where this robot is used. What is Winkyverse Coin and what is the future of Winkyverse Coin, we have researched in detail. Here’s what you’re wondering…

What is Winkyverse Coin
How Winkyverse Coin Evaluates the Future
Where and How to Buy Winkyverse Coins
What is Winkyverse Coin
What is Winkyverse Coin, Winkyverse platform is an ecosystem of six advanced technologies. This ecosystem includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robots, blockchain, gaming and programming. These are combined in three areas. Winkplay is a space with hundreds of fun games that allows children to have fun and learn with Winky robots. Winkymaker is a field where you can design your own robot.

Products made and finished in this area can be sold on the NFT market. Winkyverse, on the other hand, is a metaverse universe where they can both play games and earn money by creating their own games. Let’s explain what is Winkyverse Coin, which is the local crypto unit of this universe and which is very researched, together with its usage areas;

Winkyverse Coin is used for in-game costume purchase and customization purposes.
Winkyverse Coin is used for a one-time entry fee to the platform.
Winkyverse Coins are used for in-game purchases, early access to new games, and purchasing extra features for Premium games.
Winkyverse Coin is used to support artists who design accessories available on Winkymaker.
Winkyverse Coin is used to appear in advertisements available on Winkyplay.
How Winkyverse Coin Evaluates the Future
How Winkyverse Coin evaluates the future, this coin, which is connected to the Winkyverse platform, which is the first global education center, is seen by experts as a currency with a solid project. This coin, which has a circulating supply of at most 7 billion 500 million, is the 2878th coin in the market. It has attracted great attention around the world with its features such as being connected to the Ethereum infrastructure and appealing to both children and adults.

Looking at the comments about the future of Winkyverse Coin, it is seen that it is the currency that can be preferred for investment, and it also contains risks. The fact that there are many metaverse coins in the market, new projects are constantly developing, and competition causes comments that the value of this coin may decrease.

Where and How to Buy Winkyverse Coins
Where and how to buy Winkyverse Coin, Winkyverse Coin is currently sold on exchanges, namely decentralized exchanges. In order to buy from these exchanges, you must first register as a member, then complete your identity verification and connect one of the supported wallets. You can purchase Winkyverse Coins from Uniswap, Pacekeswap or Dodo BSC exchanges by exchanging them with your BUSD or BNB.

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