lebron james 1132x670 1 - Education collaboration from LeBron James and Crypto.com

LeBron James, the world-famous player of the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the NBA teams, collaborated with Crypto.com, one of the important crypto money exchanges, for the education of children in the field of web3 and crypto money. The trainings will take place at a school built by James in the state of Ohio.

The exchange, which made the name of the Los Angeles Lakers’ famous Staples Center hall Crypto.com and committed to pay 700 million dollars for this 20-year agreement, has now made a very important and valuable cooperation with the most important star of the team, LeBron James.

According to the news in the US media; Students at LeBron James’ school in Akron, Ohio will be given special training on web3 and cryptocurrencies. It is also stated that a special team has been established for these trainings, and 1600 students will benefit from this cooperation.

“I want to make sure they don’t fall behind in life”
Speaking to the Akron Newspaper from the local media, James said that blockchain technology is a revolutionary element in every sense of life and used the following statements:

“Blockchain technology has revolutionized the economy, the sport, the entertainment industry, the arts, and the way we interact with each other. I want to help this community from which I am also not lagging behind in life.”

Crypto.com continues to make a name for itself

Crypto.com, which featured the world-famous actor Matt Damon in its latest advertisement and made its voice heard especially with the agreements it made with Formula 1 and the UFC, leased the naming rights of the Staples Center for 20 years in December. The $700 million deal made a big splash. Likewise, the FTX exchange bought the naming rights of the hall where the Miami Heat played their matches.

Crypto.com and FTX will also be among the companies that advertise in the Superbowl final, which will be played on February 13.

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