ethereum eth 12 1132x670 1 - Veteran analyst John Bollinger buys Ethereum, explains why

John Bollinger, the creator of the Bollinger band indicator, announced that he bought Ethereum with his tweet. The famous analyst said, “I opened a trial position. I’m probably still inexperienced, but now I’m logged in and it’s time to study carefully…”

Experienced analyst John Bollinger, who recently commented on the declines in the crypto money markets, “We must now be where we see the bottom”, announced that he bought Ethereum in order to open a trial position.

Bollinger, who regularly comments on the markets from his Twitter account, which he actively uses, wrote the following about the purchase of Ethereum:

“For a test position, I bought a small amount of Ethereum with a close stop, and actually at a level close to cryptocurrencies. I like the model that is formed in 6 hours. I did not open this process very confidently and I am probably at the beginning. But once I’m in, I’m concentrated and working”

Bollinger also warned that after his followers showed interest, this is a trial run, the position may not be successful and Ethereum is currently in a correction.

The second largest cryptocurrency, which fell by about 50% from the all-time high of $ 4870, which it caught on November 10, and went down to $ 2100 on Monday, is trading at $ 2440 at the time of the news.

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