memecoinn - Meme Coin and Metaverse Coin Review: These 11 Coins Are Flying!

Can Bitcoin (BTC) price drop to $28,000 or will Ethereum (ETH) hit $4k before July? Let’s take a look at today’s performances from the meme and metaverse coin market, as crypto investors’ eyes are locked on the critical resistances of market giants. These 11 cryptocurrencies are leading the green board on Feb.
These 5 metaverse coin projects took flight
The most rising metaverse project of the day, DEEPSPACE (DPS), is a space-themed play-to-win exploration strategy game. With a Star Atlas-like play-to-win mechanic, it allows players to earn passive income by holding DPS and trading NFTs. Recent announcements of the project include the testing phase of the NFT market.
Avocado DAO (AVG), the largest play-to-win guild. The Metaverse coin project is up almost 10% today despite the stagnant market.
Kalao (KLO) is in third place with 7%. Based on Avalanche (AVAX), the project aims to accelerate the adoption of virtual reality (VR) technology and combines its own VR showroom with DeFi capabilities in the NFT market. Kalao’s recent announcements included the minting phase of AvaxSnowmanNFT.
In fourth place is the Blockchain-based Ethernity Chain (ERN) platform, which allows users to take advantage of the growing popularity of NFTs. ERN price reached double digits for the last 24 hours today. It is trading at $6.08 at the time of writing.
Phantasma (SOUL) completes the metaverse coin list with double-digit earnings. Phantasma is a fully interoperable, decentralized, feature-rich Blockchain. Recent activities of the project include AMA sessions and educational content for metaverses and NFTs.

Meme coin review
On the meme coin side, the last 24-hour gains exceed 50%. CoinMarketCap listings or community-driven purchases can cause hype in the price of tokens that quickly fades. 140% performance of the day CorgiCoin (CORGI) is an NFT-focused meme project. In second place, Doge Killer (LEASH), the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem’s stake coin, rose 50% today. Community and DeFi-focused meme token Boss (BOSS) is third with 39% performance, while Meta Doge (METADOGE), Cake Monster (MONSTA) and Vita Inu (VNO) round out the list with double-digit gains.

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